Diamond Board, Table Loom, Inkle loom, Floor loom, Rug loom,


Come and learn or relearn the old crafts and not just knitting and weaving. Come and learn with me how to use a knitting machine, a sock making machine, how to sew, how to use an overlocker. My grandmother taught me tatting, cross stitch and embroidery, and I watched her make lace. My mother taught me sewing and she learnt spinning and weaving. A friend has given me the loom my dad made for my mum. Mum also learnt macramé. We learnt cane basket weaving at school. Have a go at leather work, embellishing your clothes or accessories with patches, fabric paints, or bead work.

Advance your craft skill with special tutors, online courses, and access to a vast library of books and DVD’s.

Those at High School – is this an opportunity for NCEA credits or Gateway work experience? Could this be a step towards tertiary education at NMIT or University? There will also be opportunities to display your work at local and national exhibitions and competitions.

Could this be a fun and friendly way to create for yourself, your family, your friends or for income?

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